I am not fond of ‘recruiters’ - I get bombarded by recruiters wanting to work with me on a daily basis, and most of the time I am not interested ... Mike was introduced to me as someone who would actually listen to what I was looking for and work with me to find solutions that matched us with people who are right for our business. He is responsive, takes in what we are saying and works with us to make sure we aren’t wasting candidates time, or our own - we have had some great candidates through the door in a pretty tough market!
— Jo Higgs, Head of People @ Webcredible
I have been working with Mike for 5 years and in that time he has proven to be an exceptional, reliable and incredibly capable recruitment agent. The candidates he supplies are excellent. He looks at every aspect of their profile - technical, drive and ambition, and personality fit - before submitting CVs. The result is a selection of candidates exactly tailored to my needs, not a scattergun approach used by other agents.
I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for quality technology talent.
Good recruitment agents are hard to find, exceptional ones are Mike.
— Michael Barker, CTO @ Wex Photographic
Mike takes the time to genuinely, deeply understand the needs of both employers and potential hires. So the roles we talk about are high quality and a good match for what I want. The hiring process itself is nice and smooth too with Mike taking care of everything. Most of all though, he’s a thoroughly nice guy willing to go above and beyond to ensure both sides of the recruitment process are happy.
— Mike Nagle, Head of Design @ Kahoot!